Workshop – GRADE as method to assess the quality of evidence for devices

GRADE as method to assess the quality of evidence for devices

On the 19 th of November, a workshop about GRADE methodology to assess the quality of evidence for medical devices was held in Madrid. This workshop organized by the ISPOR Spain Chapter focused on the key aspects of this methodology and the specific issues when medical devices are evaluated.
The workshop was organized by two Chapter management members: Paloma Gonzalez García and Carlos Martín Saborido. Dr Jesús López Alcalde (Instituto Ramón y Cajal de Investigación Sanitaria (IRYCIS) / Universidad Francisco de Vitoria) and Desiré Rodriguez Bezos (Boston Scientific Iberica) collaborated also in the development of the workshop.
The workshop was structured in three sessions:
There were 9 attendants to the workshop covering medical devices manufacturers, consultancy and drug manufacturers. ISPOR Spain chapter sent documentation to all attendees to introduce GRADE concept and to have a homogeneous knowledge to take most of the workshop.
A final document with all viewpoints about the use of GRADE in medical devices will be developed gathering all the insights form attendants during the workshop.

Carlos Martín Saborido, MSc, PhD
Clinical Practice Guideline, Technical Developer – ERN TransplantChild
La Paz University Hospital – IdiPaz (Coordinator Centre)
Madrid, Spain
Treasurer ISPOR Regional Spain Chapter

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