Congreso Europeo de ISPOR

Durante el Congreso Europeo de ISPOR que se celebrará en Copenhague, tendrá lugar la sesión del ISPOR Spain Chapter, el 4 de noviembre de 15 a 16 h.

Agenda for Price and Reimbursement Reforms in Spain

Spain is undergoing a series of substantial changes in the Health Administration, especially regarding to pharmaceutical policy. The reports on Pharmaceutical Expenditure of the Independent Fiscal Responsibility Authority with regulatory measures that represent an important change in the setting and reimbursement of prices, together with initiatives such as the Valtermed Project to measure the real therapeutic value of new medicines and the appointment of the Pharmaceutical Benefit Advisory Committee, make it essential to know and discuss these initiatives within the Spanish Chapter, which is why the next session is planned for the 2019 congress:



Carme Pinyol. President of the ISPOR Spain Chapter

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